Deal Breaker: Floriday’s Resort Orlando

With the happiness of a new addition to our family, my brother Krish, comes an unfortunate problem; we exceed the maximum number of people that could fit in one hotel room. Budgeting our trips has become crucial because everywhere we go we have to book two hotel rooms instead of one. Think about it; we need five people to shower, five people to sleep in a double bed, and five people to keep their suitcases in one room- its kind of impossible. This year our family went to Vegas, Cancun and Orlando. While I knew of the hotels we were staying at in Vegas and Cancun, my dad decided to not take the usual route of booking a Marriott or a Hilton, but instead booked the Floridays Resort in Orlando. Honestly, at first I was very skeptical of the hotel. I was whining and cringing about wanting to stay at the Marriott World Center, which by the way is also a great hotel, but we will get into that in another post. On the website they failed to show pictures of the entire room, which just added to my anxiety of staying in this hotel. When we got there however, I was completely blown away and praised my dad for making such a great choice.

When we got there we first went into the main building. Mostly made up of beige and white decor the concierge and front desk area was very well decorated. My brother, sister, and I immediately ran to the pool area which consisted of two pools, a jacuzzi, a kids play area as well as a cafe by the poolside. Alright, alright, we were pretty impressed. My brother was also ecstatic about the game room where we could rent 2$ DVDS for the night from our long days in Orlando. The front desk was very welcoming and friendly as they assisted my family in checking in and then came the moment of truth. As we drove to the room, I told my dad if this hotel is what you told us it would be, you let me shop all I want ;).


As we entered the room I was blown away. We entered the room with the kitchen to our left. The kitchen was huge and was equipped with a dishwasher, microwave, gas, and an island where we could all eat. Then walking a little bit ahead came the huge living room. With a plasma screen, comfortable couches, and a great view of the lake from the balcony, we were pretty impressed. What was great about the rooms were that the two bedroom suite we rented came with two full bathrooms, one with a jacuzzi which we did use as my family is OBSESSED with. Each room also had a tv so it was easy for everyone to watch what the wanted and the room came with a laundry machine as well. Here is a floor plan of the room:


What was the greatest thing about the suite was that while it was an apartment style suite, you could still call house keeping to come clean your room. When you get back from a long day of Orlando sightseeing and theme park hopping, you come back to a made bed and a clean house. The location of Floriday’s is also great because its right on international drive, the heart of Orlando. For people that did not rent a car, there is a shuttle service to both the outlet malls and all of the theme parks. I love the rooms because they were so well decorated and kept so clean. As Orlando is theme park and water park central, it was so convenient to just toast a few bagels, toasts, and pour some orange juice in the morning without having to wait for room service. I wanted to stay in the suite longer than five days, but unfortunately we had to go back to Japan.

Now here is the CRAZIEST thing. The price for the hotel was 160 dollars during peak season summer. Whereas if we stayed a hotel it would be 120-150 dollars for ONE room. Here we got two rooms, two bathrooms and a living and kitchen all for 160 dollars a night. JUST LOOK AT THE PRICE DIFFERENCE; ITS ACTUALLY CRAZY. I recommend this hotel to ANYONE that goes to Florida and if you have stayed there or are going to stay there post your comments and tell me how your experience was!

Until then,

Happy Traveling!


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