How To: Write a Service Letter for a hotel (positive)

In our Introductory to Hospitality Class, we learned how to write both positive and negative service letters. One thing that definitely stuck to me from class was that complaints, whether positive or negative, should always be expressed. Negative reviews especially should be expressed because saying something than not saying anything is actually very important. Many customers who do not say anything have a low returning rate back to the restaurant & hotels and restaurant want to fix the problem so that you could return. The hospitality industry pays close attention to the mistakes they make and customer satisfaction.

Some of the key things to know about writing a service letter is

Finding the right letter format

If you go on Microsoft Word there are many templates you can use, the most common is the business letter

Summary of Experience

In the first paragraph, give an overview of your experience at the hotel/ restaurant. Also, give a thesis statement of what you will be talking about in the rest of your letter. For example if you had a positive review state the key points of positivity you will be talking about in the letter.

Go into detail

Everything HAS TO BE in detail. You have to let them live your experience at the restaurant or hotel. Explain in great detail from the impression you had walking in to the explicit interactions you had with the employers. If you had the positive experience, they want to understand why it was so positive so they can recreate it for other customers! To keep organized, make sure to follow your thesis statement and talk about each point in order of the way you stated in in the first paragraph so it is easier for the reader to follow. As you will see in my service letter I talk about the staff, the room, and the facilities and have a paragraph for each of these positive points.

Conclude: Conclude with what you think they could have done to make your experience better, and emphasize that you were either upset or very happy with your experience at the hotel. 

P.S.: At the top of the letter, make sure that you include, name, address, etc so that the letter gets sent properly! If you follow the microsoft word template, it will guide you on how to input the information to send the letter in the correct way!

Here is my positive service letter for the Ritz Carlton in South Beach when I went on spring break!

Herve Humler

President & Chief Operations Officer

The Ritz Carlton
4445 Williar Avenue
Suite 800
Chevy Chase, MD 20815

Dear Mr. Humler:

I recently stayed at the Ritz Carlton hotel on South Beach from April 12th to April 15th and had one of the most satisfying hotel stays in my many years of travelling. While I was only there for three days with three of my college friends, I wish I could have prolonged my stay because of the amazing experience I had at the hotel. The staff, the rooms, the recreation facilities, and the atmosphere of the hotel was above and beyond my expectations, and would just like to notify to you that your hotel is doing a very good job keeping the guests content and making them feel welcomed.

When we entered the hotel, the doorman greeted us with a smile, and the bellboy immediately came to help us out with our stuff. They not only were polite but also started very friendly conversations with my friends and I, and it made us feel very welcome. This type of friendly attitude translated throughout the three days we stayed at the Ritz. Whether it was by the poolside, the beach side, or at the door, the staff would always ask us how we were doing and pay constant attention to us. Especially at the beach, the staff would consistently come and check on us whether we would want drinks, whether we would want an umbrella as it would started getting more hot, and whether we would want advice on where to go around and about at night. Even the staffs at room service and housekeeping were very efficient. Throughout the three days we would always need extra towels and we would always order food and the staff would always bring our requests as soon as possible. By the end of the three days the staff was not only the staff to us they really became our friends and to have an experience like that is very unique. I would also like the say that the concierge was excellent. For every night and day we would ask the concierge which restaurants were the best to go to and every single restaurant was student friendly yet fancy and had terrific food.

The room at the Ritz was very spacious. The bed was very comfortable for two people to sleep on and the sofa area was also very spacious as four of us fit all our suitcases while having plenty of extra room to move around. We loved that the pool and the Jacuzzi was open twenty four hours of the day which helped us relax after a long day of eating and laying by the beach. We also loved the refreshing complimentary drinks every day as you walk in to the hotel, because the weather at that time was above 80 degrees and it was always refreshing to get lemon water and mint water. The food by the poolside was also very appetizing. We ordered the tomato and basil pasta and fries every night by the pool and even though it was midnight the food tasted excellent and came out of the kitchen very quickly. The atmosphere at the Ritz was very relaxing, with the staff always having a smile on their face and the hotel being so well kept, we literally felt as if we were in spring break paradise. At the end of the stay none of us wanted to leave, and the doorman even told us that he would miss us. It’s so great to share such a bond with the people at the hotel and it feels so great to have such a good experience where at the end of the day you call your dad and ask if we could just stay one more night.

I really just wanted to say that the three days I spent at the Ritz on South Beach, Miami, were very memorable. Even though the cost of the hotel is quite pricey, the experience was definitely worth the money we spent and the value was very high. A hotel like the Ritz is at a level of high expectation and it really fulfilled those expectations. I hope that this kind of hospitality continues at the Ritz so that more people could share an experience like I did at your hotel.


Saachi Jhaveri
[Student at Boston University’s School of Hospitality ‘15]

As I said before, whether its positive or negative reviews, the company will always listen to you! I was honored to receive a feedback letter from the Chief Operations Officer at the Ritz Carlton, along with an exclusive membership to the Ritz Carlton Club!

Until then,
Happy Traveling!

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